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Matt Savage once had a torrid affair with a gelatinous cube.

Back From The Dead

So its been four years since last we talked.  So much has happened. I went with Pathfinder, got so involved in it that I was an officer in their Organized Play.  Then things got political, and I quit my position. … Continue reading

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If you don’t have a lot of time, here are the bullet points I’m hoping to cover here: The FLGSs around here are wonderful, but do things that aggravate me.  Am I just being too bitchy?  Should I just feel … Continue reading

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“What is Dungeons & Dragons?”

See that?  That’s one of my ex-students.  He wants to be cool like Mr. Savage – and who can blame him?  So this is for him, in his efforts to Get On My Level.  Feel free to link to it … Continue reading

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I dunno, man. I dunno.

This post could go any number of ways… let’s see what happens. Ran the Pathfinder Beginner Box adventure, and it would seem my players had the same reaction to Pathfinder that I did many months ago. Liked it, didn’t love … Continue reading

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If you have us on your RSS feed, you’re probably a lil’ surprised. We haven’t updated in a while. (Goes back and looks) August. Wow. Okay then. Thing is, there’s really hasn’t been anything to say. I haven’t played or … Continue reading

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Almost had me for a moment…

(and truth be told, I’m kinda susceptible to being had) But before I get to wtf I’m talking about, let me address the elephant in the room that Jason and I aren’t talking about on here.  There’s a new game … Continue reading

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You read this review two years ago.

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking to refocus my gaming – less 4e and more of “something else”, whatever that may be.  Unlike most 4E bashers online, I think I can say pretty confidently that I … Continue reading

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No, not the blog.  We just haven’t had anything to say.  If you want to read someone flame WotC, the company has generously provided forums for you to do that on.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about when … Continue reading

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We’re Waiting!

Huh, what? Oh, we’re blogging again? Yeah, I can do that. First thing’s first: Jason’s graphic should be getting a lot more attention than its getting. It should be the response to any BS Dragon articles that say “it’ll get … Continue reading

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Review: Dungeon Master’s Kit

I’m behind the curve here, but whatever – I just bought it. Maybe you’re wondering if you should, too. Maybe not, but its been a while without content, ya know? I recently broke down and bought the DM’s kit. I … Continue reading

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