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A 4e DM Question–Random Encounters and the XP Budget

In the grand scheme of things, I haven’t really DM’d that much.  I’ve been playing some kind of D&D since 1984 (27 yrs? wow.)  I used to only play.  I tried DM’ing in 2nd Edition and I didn’t feel that … Continue reading

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A Little More about Matt’s Pathfinder Post…

I want to follow up on Matt’s previous post – I had fun playing his game last week.  Now, since taking a well deserved and longer than expected break from running (I still ‘organize’) D&D Encounters (“DNDENC”) at one of … Continue reading

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402 Editorial Reponse

I just replied to the Wizards of the Coast #DDI issue 402 editorial and wanted to share my comments publicly on why I believe Dragon “magazine” content should remain player/general audience specific and Dungeon “magazine” content should remain dungeonmaster focused. … Continue reading

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Effective Communication with your Players

This post isn’t just for DMs but also for you game organizers.  Sometimes that’s the same person but in the case of D&D Encounters, it might not be. I’m going to spoil the end of this post – I am … Continue reading

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Mini-Review: Monster Vault 2–Threats of the Nentir Vale

Matt already spoilered this blog post before I decided 100% to write it but I love the Monster Vault 2 (“MV2”). Your initial reaction to the name would be “Oh, it’s just more monsters and stupid tokens” but you’d be … Continue reading

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DDI Subscriber Only Content vs. Non-Subscriber Content Only

Which are you seeing on the Dungeons & Dragons Insider website?  I’m not seeing “Subscriber Only” content – I’m seeing “Non-Subscriber Content Only”. Here’s an exercise – go to the Article Archive (we used to have a Content Calendar but … Continue reading

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Fortune or Despair

I was working on this long article on how I’ve been cardified – I was making my own DM cards for NPCs and Monsters and running my D&D Encounters combat with them.  I was even going to post some examples … Continue reading

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Essential Encounters of Fortune

Last week season 3 of the D&D Encounters organized play dealio came to an end.  It was my first turn at DM’ing with any sense of regularity with people who weren’t people I had known for a very long time … Continue reading

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D&D Encounters–a local announcement

Following is an email broadcast I sent to our local player community.  Our FLGS gaming group has blossomed from barely making a single table to overflowing two and threatening three full tables.  We’re excited about Season 4 and the thriving … Continue reading

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Actual Play Podcasts

I’m a fan of actual play podcasts.  I find that between D&D sessions a lot of time goes by when I wish I was playing D&D.  A little over a year ago I found a good way to get that … Continue reading

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