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Review: Dungeon Master’s Kit

I’m behind the curve here, but whatever – I just bought it. Maybe you’re wondering if you should, too. Maybe not, but its been a while without content, ya know? I recently broke down and bought the DM’s kit. I … Continue reading

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Essential Encounters of Fortune

Last week season 3 of the D&D Encounters organized play dealio came to an end.  It was my first turn at DM’ing with any sense of regularity with people who weren’t people I had known for a very long time … Continue reading

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D&D Encounters–a local announcement

Following is an email broadcast I sent to our local player community.  Our FLGS gaming group has blossomed from barely making a single table to overflowing two and threatening three full tables.  We’re excited about Season 4 and the thriving … Continue reading

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Pimping is Ridiculously Easy

(apologies to Big Daddy Kane, Dave Chappelle, and lesser pimps) In February, WotC will be releasing the updated DM screen.  Because I’m a sucker, I’ll pay $10 for what is essentially (see what I did there?) errata.  Oh, I could just … Continue reading

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Defenders of the Vale

I heard some discussion going on a week or so ago saying some pretty negative things about the default D&D 4th Edition (and Essentials) setting of the Nentir Vale.  The gist of it was that they (the people who were … Continue reading

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“Optional” is a myth.

Hi all, and welcome to Rule Zero (or whatever we’re going to wind up calling this thing)!  You’ll notice the site is in the neonatal stage atm.  But you’re not here for pretty graphics – you’re here for nerd content, … Continue reading

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