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Review: Dungeon Master’s Kit

I’m behind the curve here, but whatever – I just bought it. Maybe you’re wondering if you should, too. Maybe not, but its been a while without content, ya know? I recently broke down and bought the DM’s kit. I … Continue reading

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“We Need to Talk”

To begin, credit where its due: thanks to Wolfstar76 for live-blogging the DDXP panels. Also thanks to The Tome for putting out podcasts of the DDXP seminars. Very cool service to the D&D community. That having been said – D&D … Continue reading

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Not the Same Game

OwlCon was a lot of fun.  It always is.  This year, I didn’t do as much as I’d like due to personal commitments – but I’d like to talk about it anyway. You already saw my post on what we … Continue reading

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Essential Encounters of Fortune

Last week season 3 of the D&D Encounters organized play dealio came to an end.  It was my first turn at DM’ing with any sense of regularity with people who weren’t people I had known for a very long time … Continue reading

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