Almost had me for a moment…

(and truth be told, I’m kinda susceptible to being had)

But before I get to wtf I’m talking about, let me address the elephant in the room that Jason and I aren’t talking about on here.  There’s a new game store in our area.

And everytime I try to address New Game Store or Old Game Store, I come off like a dick.  Every nice thing I say about New Game Store sounds like a dig at Old Game Store.  Every time I point out something about Old Game Store that I like, it seems like I’m pointing out a shortcoming of New Game Store.  I’ve tried addressing the duality (see, I went to college) a couple of times on here, and wind up wiping the draft.

This weekend, Eudemonist was kind enough to drive for an honor to DM for us at Old Game Store (see, even “old” implies something I’m not trying to imply – I should point out that Old Store will be moving to a bigger location soon).  Had fun, I like the mod we played – and it was a chance to play with Jason which I don’t do often.   You can make your own joke.

After that, it was over to New Game Store’s Grand Opening.  Partially because I wanted to see who was there, partially for the free food they had at said Grand Opening, partially for the spectacle of it all, partially because the kid wanted to check it out, and partially because I didn’t want to go home.

…and a lot of the gamers in the area were there.  We’re talking, hanging out when the smart one in the group gets the idea that we should be playing something whilst BS’ing.  A friend offers to show us WH40K.  Sure, why not?

…and another friend comes over to help show me how to play (I had a lot of questions) and we fumble through it.  WH40K would never be my main game, for a variety of reasons – primarily, I can’t paint.  But the idea of there being a central place with beautiful terrain tables that people meet up at being close by really appeals to me.  The idea that I have a decent chance of finding players when I show up with an army and not a lot of pre-planning really calls to me.

WH40K wouldn’t be my first choice for a minis game, because of GW’s business practices and I’d prefer something historical like Flames of War – but the Romans seem to be all about these Space Marines.  (When in Rome, get it?)

…and yeah – you want to play with your friends, right?

…and I discovered that I’m the kinda guy that needs a “bar”, only I don’t do bars.  So a game store that I can pop in at and probably find something to play is good.  So I started looking into dipping my toe into WH40K.

The intro box is $100.  If I decide not to go that route, and rather get the book and a few minis and some paints… you get the idea, there’s a lot of cost on top of a lot of cost.  And of course, you’re always upgrading your army (and there’s cost on top of that).  I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

And I’m still looking at stuff – that never hurt anyone, right?  But the more I do, and the more I start adding things up in my head… the more it feels like Magic: The Gathering.  Only instead of weekly nickles and dimes, they’re wanting monthly paychecks.

Hyperbole added for effect, but you get the idea.  I may/may not pull the trigger on minis gaming one day, but I can honestly say that I now see its appeal when I didn’t before.


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Matt Savage once had a torrid affair with a gelatinous cube.
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6 Responses to Almost had me for a moment…

  1. eudemonist says:

    I’ve heard good things about Warmachine, another minis game with a more “squad tactics” feel. I see people fielding thirty minis instead of three hundred. Still ain’t cheap, but might be an option worth checking out.

    Also, lower-case “e”, ya dick! Not a proper noun!

  2. Matt Savage says:

    I’m referring you, specifically, so its a proper noun. So yes, Eudemonist.

    If we were referring to one who is an Eudemonist, it would be lower-case. But, since it is your screen name, I’ll check the Rule Zero style book.

    Hmmm… it says here you can go crap in your hat.

    On to your point, I’d pick Warmahordes over WH40K – just because I’d like to avoid GW’s business practices, and any book that spells color and armor with U’s is a book I don’t need to have.

  3. eudemonist says:

    My LOGIN (screen name? wut?) _does_ refer to “one who subscribes to eudemonism”, and I don’t HAVE a hat! I can crap in yours, if’n ya like…

    Also, your style book suxxors. Strunk ‘n White, ftw!
    Also also, e e cummings would like a word with you.

  4. eudemonist says:

    Hehe, let’s not get carried away, but thank’ee, kind sirrah.

  5. eudemonist says:

    But, since we’re edumacating today, “eudemonist” starts with a “yu” sound, and thus is properly preceded by “a” rather than “an”.


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