If you have us on your RSS feed, you’re probably a lil’ surprised. We haven’t updated in a while. (Goes back and looks) August. Wow. Okay then.

Thing is, there’s really hasn’t been anything to say. I haven’t played or run D&D since Neverwinter Game Day… and I’d guess Jason’s about in the same boat.

I won’t rehash all my criticisms of 4E or LFR. Many of them you’ve seen elsewhere, anyway.

Rather, I’m going to talk about Pathfinder. For reasons mentioned in past blogs, its time see how green Paizo’s grass truly is. Post-Comicpalooza, the Pathfinder guys invited us LFRers to play with them. Spent a day playing. I really wanted to "fall in love" or "hate it entirely", but rather – it was the old familiar 3.5 with a few tweaks here and there. The main difference was that the adventures themselves (the three I saw anyway) were better than the intro fare for LFR. Story-wise, I mean.

Alright, so I’m not going to invest in a $50 core rulebook for a game I don’t have a strong passion about. I’ll wait til the beginner box comes out.

That being said… Dude. The beginner box is awesome.

Well, I say that without having ran the adventure yet. We’re doing that Friday. But in terms of design, layout, explaining things so you can understand them… This thing groin-stomps the 4e red box starter set. Take note, WotC – you can "simplify for new players" without watering everything down.

Oh sure, its missing a few things to make it more newbie-friendly – but those things (like opportunity attacks) can be woven in seamlessly. It comes with 4 pregens, and my Friday group has 6 players – so I stuck in a monk and barbarian pregen without any problems.

I’m constantly flipping through the books. Its that good a product.

I’m (obviously) not motivated to start / grow / maintain a D&D community in my lil’ suburb anymore.. No more running stuff at stores, no more game days. I’m just done – scroll back if you’re really curious why. I’ve been asked if I want to DM at a con – and I wish the answer was yes, but its not. Not right now, anyway. I think I can fairly say I gave 4E a chance.

That’s not to say I’m done with it, either. I keep getting invited to games with my friends, and I’m hoping I can make one soon… I just haven’t been able to in a while. If my playgroup says Pathfinder sucks, and they want to go back to D&D… fine. But I wouldn’t play 4e if my friends didn’t play it. I like playing with my friends, and I’m cool with whatever.

But when its me, organizing, planning, prepping, and running… I’m not picking 4e anymore. I’m not excited by it anymore.

This box, though… its pretty exciting.


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