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Almost had me for a moment…

(and truth be told, I’m kinda susceptible to being had) But before I get to wtf I’m talking about, let me address the elephant in the room that Jason and I aren’t talking about on here.  There’s a new game … Continue reading

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Effective Communication with your Players

This post isn’t just for DMs but also for you game organizers.  Sometimes that’s the same person but in the case of D&D Encounters, it might not be. I’m going to spoil the end of this post – I am … Continue reading

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Mini-Review: Monster Vault 2–Threats of the Nentir Vale

Matt already spoilered this blog post before I decided 100% to write it but I love the Monster Vault 2 (“MV2”). Your initial reaction to the name would be “Oh, it’s just more monsters and stupid tokens” but you’d be … Continue reading

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