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402 Editorial Reponse

I just replied to the Wizards of the Coast #DDI issue 402 editorial and wanted to share my comments publicly on why I believe Dragon “magazine” content should remain player/general audience specific and Dungeon “magazine” content should remain dungeonmaster focused. … Continue reading

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We’re Waiting!

Huh, what? Oh, we’re blogging again? Yeah, I can do that. First thing’s first: Jason’s graphic should be getting a lot more attention than its getting. It should be the response to any BS Dragon articles that say “it’ll get … Continue reading

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DDI Subscriber Only Content vs. Non-Subscriber Content Only

Which are you seeing on the Dungeons & Dragons Insider website?  I’m not seeing “Subscriber Only” content – I’m seeing “Non-Subscriber Content Only”. Here’s an exercise – go to the Article Archive (we used to have a Content Calendar but … Continue reading

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