DDI Subscriber Only Content vs. Non-Subscriber Content Only

Which are you seeing on the Dungeons & Dragons Insider website?  I’m not seeing “Subscriber Only” content – I’m seeing “Non-Subscriber Content Only”.

DDI Subscriber Only Snapshot

Here’s an exercise – go to the Article Archive (we used to have a Content Calendar but it was just too restrictive to keep that charade going on) and thumb back through the pages (26-50, 51-75, etc.) and look at the Red Badge of Rip-off (i.e. the icon indicating Subscriber Only content) and watch as the frequency of the icon diminishes the closer you get to today. 


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One Response to DDI Subscriber Only Content vs. Non-Subscriber Content Only

  1. @TheIdDM says:

    I posted my thoughts about DDI on NewbieDM’s most recent post, which details his reasons for opting out of the subscription. I subscribe primarily for the Character Builder, which I think is a great tool. I have not used the other content available except for the first Monster Builder, which is still useful. I’m going to check out the Virtual Table this week.

    I honestly do not believe the majority of people are subscribing for the content, but for the Character and Monster Builders.

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