Wanna see something cool?

Before you see the length of the post and decide to X-out, hang on. I know – you’re probably not local, but hear me out.

So I had another entry ready to go, then I realized what day it was and figured I should pimp OwlCon instead. Why? Because preregistration ends this Friday.

The Houston area now has three conventions that offer gaming. Each has a different size and focus, and by far the biggest one is OwlCon at Rice University. Here’s where people stop caring about my local con, and I understand why:

  • We’re not one of the “big four”.
  • We don’t have celebrities (or people that think they’re celebrities).
  • Matt’s going to be there, and he’s a dickwad.

These are fair points, and 100% true.

But we do something so unique that it only happens once a year – and, as far as I know – nowhere else in the world.

We do something I’ve taken to calling a LFR “multi-table experience”. This is our second time doing it. Let me first point out that this is not an interactive – players do not interact with other tables. However, what happens is we have, say, a dozen or so tables running different MYRE adventures. What happens at one table, can, at different points, affect the environment of another table.

As hypothetical examples – say a group of tables are in one end of an unstable cave… they can set off a cave-in that affects the passageway of another end of a cave. Say there’s a group guarding an entrance to a tunnel – do they leave their post when they see a dragon not too far away? Regardless of what they do, it affects another table.

These decisions don’t affect XP budget – we stick to MYRE guidelines – it’s just a series of if/then situations combined in one big story arc. We’re following WotC’s rules. We don’t have the “help” or “reinforcement” mechanics of the interactives – we’re not doing an interactive. But its way cool.

Another thing we do is spread out the story. On Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon – we do stand-alone prequel adventures. These either build on last year’s story, or foreshadow this year’s story.

I’m very proud to be an author/DM with this group. Good guys, and we create a fun gaming experience. Last year was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and we walked away equally proud of what we did and full of ideas for next (this) year. Once again, this year, we’ve been doing a lot of planning and a lot of playtesting – and so far what I’ve seen looks promising. Last year was well-received, and I’m confident people are gonna dig this too.

So, here I am, inviting ya’ll to come play with us and check out what we’re doing. We’re proud of it.  Of course, I’m gonna say good things about it. Let’s take a look at other commentary, though. 

Anyway, if you’re interested – please preregister at http://www.owlcon.com and let them know you’d like to play RPGA events and need access to the warhorn site. There is a checkbox on the registration form.

I feel bad, pimping this early into the blog’s lifespan. But check out what we do anyway.  It’s rough, balancing everyone’s real-life schedules to find time to meet up and playtest and write a story together.  I think the work we put in and the love for this shows through.

If you’re interested, have any questions – or just wanna play with a non-celebrity D&D blogger – leave a comment.


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3 Responses to Wanna see something cool?

  1. eudemonist says:

    Pimp it, brother! I know it ain’t easy…

  2. Dwayne says:

    I did not realize rulezero is a blog.

    It is pretty good. Thanks for the compliment about DMing. I am still learning.

    I don’t like Cauldron as a setting either, but I also suck at making campaign settings. I like LFR for that reason. I do not have to care about where we are. Virtually every adventure is independent, and has either none or some very little connectivity to other adventures. It is much easier to have party members come in and out because of that.

    I think that the dungeon magazine should come out with 3-4 battle adventures. It would be ok to tie a story-line together to get a level or two out of it, but the premise of one adventure one night works best for people with jobs, kids, and other commitments.

    On average, I think the groups that I have played with do not care much about what the past is, unless it was something that effected that one character. I remember one of my friends who was playing a fighter character around 10th level named Murphy. We did something good for a king, and were all knighted. Unfortunately that meant that he was now Sir Murphy. I can’t remember how it happened, but someone shortened his name during an adventure. Soon everyone was calling him Sir Murph. Soon after, all the magic items for him came in various shades of blue, after all, S’murphs all are blue, including papa s’murph, baby s’murph, etc. Soon after that, Murphy was never again found at the table.

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