My Heart Will Go On…

So it seems more and more that I’m bitching about D&D.  I’ve heard more than once “Well then, why don’t you just quit playing D&D?”

If you have to ask, you just don’t get it.

I bitch because this stuff is important to me.  Not like “starving children” important, but I care about this stuff.  Hence the blog and the upcoming podcast.  Hey, it’s important to you, too – or you wouldn’t have clicked whatever link brought you here.

Something bothered me when WotC announced that, yep, the rumors are true and a bunch of products are being put on hold.  It was me.  My reaction was “that’s good – there will be less game-breaking splat released in 2011”.  That is messed up.  I should be looking forward to upcoming D&D stuff.  But I’ve lost faith.

Someone said in an enworld post that it all started with Essentials.  I disagree.  4th edition has been bumbled since launch.  We can list the problems (and I probably will – sooner, rather than later) but we know most of them by heart.  I love 4th edition D&D despite the business decisions WotC has made, not because of them.

…and no, I’m not keeping the faith until DDXP to see what they’re going to say.  I don’t care what they’re going to say.  I’ve heard all kinds of official announcements from them that didn’t pan out – and so have you.  That they might announce something at their official con doesn’t undo nearly 200 pages of errata, fortune cards, or DDI losing functionality.

Here’s where I’m asked why I don’t go play something else.  It’s a good question.  I certainly don’t have brand loyalty anymore.  The main reason is because I want to play – not talk about playing, not look for players, not debate the finer points of a system online.  I want to gather with like-minded people and share something.

D&D’s still outselling the other games.  Okay, so Pathfinder’s a close second – but it’s still second.  There are more D&D players (although other games are growing at conventions and I wish WotC would stop ignoring conventions that weren’t the big four).  I can make a table happen easier with D&D than with any other RPG.

The other reason I’m playing D&D instead of something else is because the competitors haven’t given me a reason to look at them yet.  Paizo makes great accessories, but I’m not ready to try out their gaming system.  I played Age of Worms and hated it.  To me, it was a huge crawl with LOLRandom encounters.  I didn’t finish it because I didn’t care how it ended.  I’m in a Shackled City game that my buddy runs – and while I dig playing with my friends, and my buddy has grown into a great DM – the storyline leaves a lot to be desired, and I’m not digging the setting.  I can’t imagine I’d like their game world if I don’t like their adventure paths.

Warhammer Fantasy – nope, don’t dig Warhammer anything.  Sorry.  Some of you guys paint pretty minis, but the game and the lore that goes with all things Warhammer just doesn’t do it for me.

I’ve been watching Newbie talk about Dragon Age – and I’m genuinely glad to see his excitement.  But I played the first Dragon Age vidya game, and didn’t like it.

So yeah, it’s just as much that I like D&D (once I’m at the table) as it is that I don’t like the other stuff.

I want a game I enjoy that has a player base.  4E it is.  Away from the table, WotC annoys me – and it’s not like I’m going to update the blog at the gaming table.  Once we’re at the table, there’s maybe a “I think that’s been errata’d” or “which of the over 9000 splat books does that power come from?” once per session, but aside from that roughly-once-per-game hiccup, the play experience itself is enjoyable.   I suspect that’ll change a bit once the Power Cards come out, but we’ll see.  Maybe its time to do home games and that’s it… but I’ve talked about why home games don’t really work for me anymore already.

Yes, 4E is a good system (well, at heroic tier anyway).  But let’s not act like WotC isn’t fumbling the ball here.  Let’s not act like players aren’t jumping ship.

I’ve looked, but the other ships don’t appeal to me right now… but I’m noticing the one we’re on is taking on more water.  You go ahead and ignore it if you’d like.  I’m going to be talking about the state of the ship.

Because its important to me.


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Matt Savage once had a torrid affair with a gelatinous cube.
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