Dungeons & Dragons: Fortune Cards

Author’s note: I’m repurposing this blog post from my personal blog from a few days ago.  You may have seen it there (who am I kidding?) but I wanted to give it a proper send off and a new home.   –Jason

Recently, Wizards of the Coast has announced a new product to add-on and enhance your role-playing experience.  Fortune Cards

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According to WotC, “Fortune Cards are a new D&D gameplay enhancement that showcase the chaotic and unpredictable nature of adventuring in a fantastic world of danger and magic.”

A recent discussion between myself and fellow DM and experienced D&D player Matt started out like this.  I’ll paraphrase Matt – He hates this and will never buy a single pack of these cards.  I hear ya, brother.

So this is my take on the Fortune Cards.  I don’t inherently hate them.  I see them as offline-Twitter buffs. (Twitter buffs, for those who don’t know, are being used to the organized play “D&D Encounters” program held each Wednesday at your local game store.)  Twitter buffs are mostly helpful to the players and introduce a variable effect like an environmental effect (rain, frogs jumping out of ponds (which they’ve used twice)) and are usually detrimental to the monsters the players are fighting but occasionally effect the players, too. 
Regarding the Fortune Cards specifically, I don’t quite understand building your deck before the game or how or when they’ll exactly be called into play so that’s a little disconcerting.  I’ve liked the twitter buffs during D&D Encounters for the most part.  [Okay, so I read the link above and it says you draw from your desk at the beginning of play.]
Now, I am cursed by the “omg I have to have these” types of situations.  My mostly unused D&D miniatures are evidence of this.  I hope I don’t buy a lot of these cards.  In my current D&D role as DM I have like zero use for them.  And that’s probably a good thing.  But they’re a low price point and that makes them attractive as a ~$5 purchase at my local gaming store.  It helps out the store.
That’s why I bought a pack of Gamma World cards last week.  I wanted to just check them out as I knew I was about to stick my toe in the GW pool.  (I bought the $40 box set for $35 on Amazon with a $25 gift card – my out of pocket investment $10 – Yay!)  They look cool – I got 3 character trait perks and 5 items for use in game.
Wait, where have I seen this before?  /flashback video effects as I touch my chin and look upwardly/
I played Star Wars Galaxies off and on for their first 5 years.  In my 3rd and final visit to the MMO they introduced this trading card game which was very Magic-like (I think, I don’t play Magic the Gathering) but rewarded you with rares in your card packs that could be cashed in for in-game (MMO) loot.  This was a neat and exciting way to introduce items into your game that you might not otherwise have.
The down side was clearly the “Hey, everything in this game is supposed to be craftable by one of the professions.  Why can’t I craft this and why are they telling me they can’t add new items into the game that I can craft when they clearly can add items all they want?” /SWG-Rant off
This reminds me of that.  GW is adding loot and perks that can be used in game but you have to go buy them outside of your already made investment into the game. 
And now D&D is doing that.
I think.  Tell me what you think.

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